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Marcia Jeffers

“I am so lucky to have found Dr. Carol. For years I have been dealing with an unbalanced gut and she changed everything. I’ve been to specialists in California and New York. When I moved to FL, a friend insisted that I meet this woman. She is knowledgable, articulate and also has a winning personality. What’s more, she is always available to talk to me. Dr. Carol literally changed my life!“


Michael Manister

Marketing Director

“Shortly after beginning my sessions with Dr. Helerstein my health began to improve. She slowly integrated various supplements and had me change my diet and within 4-6 weeks I felt like a new person; I was sleeping better, had more energy and happily lost a few pounds. She is extremely knowledgeable and keeps current with the advancement of nutritional science. I highly recommend her services.“


Sales Representative

Hector Leewon

“Doctor Carol has a solution for everything. Through so much of 2020 I felt massive anxiety, could not sleep, and with a simple change in my diet and the supplements she recommends, I have been able to completely turn around my habits and eat healthier. Now I have more energy and feel better!“

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Elder woman laughing | Dr. Carol

Elder woman laughing | Dr. Carol

December 22, 2022by Bold Themes

A really unsettling statistic is that America comes in dead last in ranking with respect to health even though we spend two times more per person than other industrialized countries. These numbers were announced by the World Health Organization’s 2010 Healthy Life Expectancy study. It seems that with all our science and technology, degenerative diseases […]

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Woman smiling into camera | Dr. Carol

Woman smiling into camera | Dr. Carol

November 30, 2022by Bold Themes

The kids just missed the bus and now you have to get them to school. Traffic is moving so slowly, you know there’s no way you will make it to work on time. When you finally do get to the office your boss, who is not half as smart as you are, makes some snide […]

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Woman in sunflowers | Dr. Carol

Woman in sunflowers | Dr. Carol

October 11, 2022by Bold Themes

Most of us want to live long, healthy lives. We often feel, however, that we are at the mercy of our genes when it comes to health and longevity. Although it is a foregone conclusion that our inheritance plays a significant role in terms of our well being, fortunately we are much more in control […]

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Mighty minerals | Dr. Carol

Mighty minerals | Dr. Carol

September 12, 2022by Bold Themes

Today’s lifestyles make it challenging to eat properly and maintain health. Whether it is because our microwaves are destroying the nutrients in our food or that the radiation from our cell phones challenge our immune systems or that the processed foods we eat are devoid of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that foster vibrant health, we are all challenged […]

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