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Marcia Jeffers

“I am so lucky to have found Dr. Carol. For years I have been dealing with an unbalanced gut and she changed everything. I’ve been to specialists in California and New York. When I moved to FL, a friend insisted that I meet this woman. She is knowledgable, articulate and also has a winning personality. What’s more, she is always available to talk to me. Dr. Carol literally changed my life!“


Michael Manister

Marketing Director

“Shortly after beginning my sessions with Dr. Helerstein my health began to improve. She slowly integrated various supplements and had me change my diet and within 4-6 weeks I felt like a new person; I was sleeping better, had more energy and happily lost a few pounds. She is extremely knowledgeable and keeps current with the advancement of nutritional science. I highly recommend her services.“


Sales Representative

Hector Leewon

“Doctor Carol has a solution for everything. Through so much of 2020 I felt massive anxiety, could not sleep, and with a simple change in my diet and the supplements she recommends, I have been able to completely turn around my habits and eat healthier. Now I have more energy and feel better!“

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February 1, 2022by Bold Themes

There are thousands of research papers written on free radicals and antioxidants. However, understanding this topic is to truly comprehend the basis of health since all health is on a cellular level. Our cells are like “biological engines” that gradually wear down to continually “run” and stay alive.  Free radicals are destructive molecules that hurt […]

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February 1, 2022by Bold Themes

It never rests for our entire lifetime. It is responsible for our intelligence, personality, mood, memories, and behaviors. It is our beautiful, bountiful brain, and it is indeed the engine that drives the train! Although it weighs only 3 pounds, it uses 20 percent of our calories and oxygen. Of all our organ systems, it […]

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February 1, 2022by Bold Themes

Vibrant good health leading to a happier and longer life is a goal most of us would embrace. Even though we live in America and are exposed to state of the art medical procedures and progressive drugs and medicine, we rank dead last when our health statistics are compared to 21 other industrialized countries. Ironically, […]

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February 1, 2022by Bold Themes

Vitamin D is one of the most useful nutritional tools we have at our disposal for improving overall health. It is often called the “sunshine vitamin” because the body can manufacture it from exposure to sun light. However, with today’s processed foods, so much indoor living and the extensive use of sunscreen due to concerns […]

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